DFH Bundle For Her (#2)

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DFH Bundle For Her (#2)

This special fan bundle includes the new Dead Fish Handshake album, LIES...AND ALL THAT JAZZ on CD, a limited-edition, fan-exclusive tank top, a commemorative DFH pint glass and a DFH mask for these unique times.

**NOTE: This is a pre-order. Due to the nature of the customization of each bundle, we ask that everyone who pre-orders a package to please be patient while we perfect the bundle suited for you. We will ship them as soon as possible so you get to enjoy the new album before it's released anywhere else. **

Lies...And All That Jazz is Dead Fish Handshake's new album.

1. No One's Island
2. Then It Rains
3. 11:11
4. Moodswing
5. Holding Onto Strings
6. In Dreams
7. A Love Encapsulated In Some Harmonious Illuminating Atmosphere
8. Still

Production notes:
☯ Written and performed by Dead Fish Handshake
☯ Produced by Dead Fish Handshake & Shane Stanton
☯ Recorded and Mixed by Shane Stanton at Architekt Studios
☯ Asst Eng: Matt Filipek & Nathanial Hawkins
☯ Mastered by Andy VanDette at Evolve Mastering
☯ Artwork by Paul Guzzo

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